Shameless Self-Promotion

Hi, I’m David and I just published “Rat House” on CreateSpace.  Looking for feedback and doing shameless self-promotion. Let me know what you think.

About me:

David Friedman is a short story author, novelist, screenwriter, musician, and film editor.  He studied Creative Writing at the University of Washington under author and Pulitzer Prize nominated poet Jana Harris.  David also has a Master of Fine Arts in screenwriting from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts.

His short stories and essays have appeared in The Fiction Primer, Diet Soap,and Magnitizidat, a ‘zine he published and edited in Portland, Oregon.  His story, Shoes That Hurt, was chosen best of issue in The Fiction Primer.  David wrote and appeared in the award-winning short film, Covenant, about a young Hasidic student who witnesses the brutal murder of his fiancée and seeks revenge against the racist skinheads who perpetrated the attack.  He has also edited the award-winning documentary The Shoe Store: An Actor’s Journey.  David was also a member of the Seattle punk band, Meat Cigars.

About the novel:

The novel, Rat House, is a picaresque journey of five young men trying to make it as a musical group in grunge era Seattle.  Neither grunge, nor pop, nor heavy metal, their band, One Hand Clapping, must make a place for themselves in Seattle’s music scene.  Will, the guitar player, chronicles their misadventures with humor and wit, always seeking the deeper meaning of things.  Rat House is the anti-cliché of the predictable rock and roll novel.