James Brown, Black Caesar

James Brown’s soundtrack for the movie, “Black Caesar” is enlightening with the truth-telling of his experiences with the film industry. I’m sure the negotiations weren’t easy to get James Brown…fucking James Brown…to do a soundtrack. It had to be in his favor that he is allowed artistic license. I believe it is fascinating and one of a kind bluesy and funky with storytelling.

Paul McCartney, post Beatles.


David's House of Ramblings

I’m high and decide to listen to Venus and Mars by Wings, Paul McCartney’s second biggest band. I have to say it is diverse, sometimes within the same song. It’s all convoluted, but I do like Paul’s blues chops, or Denny Laine’s I suppose.

I’ve always given Paul credit for being the best songwriter from the Beatles when arguments arise between fan factions. I credit all of them with incredible talents, but the post-Beatles albums of the Fab Four tells us a lot about each of them. John’s experimentation, George’s philosophical and humorous side, Ringo’s…well, Ringoness, and Sir Paul’s polishing of tracks until they gleam in the sun. His talent is undeniable, however, his songs don’t touch my soul. The album is cold even though the licks are hot. The many layers of musical cliche on top of rock isn’t my cup of tea today. I prefer something stony, but…

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Shameless Self-Promotion


Hi, I’m David and I just published “Rat House” on CreateSpace.  Looking for feedback and doing shameless self-promotion. Let me know what you think.

About me:


David Friedman is a short story author, novelist, screenwriter, musician, and film editor.  He studied Creative Writing at the University of Washington under author and Pulitzer Prize nominated poet Jana Harris.  David also has a Master of Fine Arts in screenwriting from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts.

His short stories and essays have appeared in The Fiction Primer, Diet Soap,and Magnitizidat, a ‘zine he published and edited in Portland, Oregon.  His story, Shoes That Hurt, was chosen best of issue in The Fiction Primer.  David wrote and appeared in the award-winning short film, Covenant, about a young Hasidic student who witnesses the brutal murder of his fiancée and seeks revenge against the racist skinheads who perpetrated the attack.  He has also edited the award-winning documentary The Shoe Store: An Actor’s Journey.  David was also a member of the Seattle punk band, Meat Cigars.

About the novel:

The novel, Rat House, is a picaresque journey of five young men trying to make it as a musical group in grunge era Seattle.  Neither grunge, nor pop, nor heavy metal, their band, One Hand Clapping, must make a place for themselves in Seattle’s music scene.  Will, the guitar player, chronicles their misadventures with humor and wit, always seeking the deeper meaning of things.  Rat House is the anti-cliché of the predictable rock and roll novel.